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Wood Gasification Units-- Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnaces--EPA Qualified

Watch wood gasification, reaction in action on the video. If the embedded video is not working, please visit YouTube for the show.

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Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnace Optimizer 250

The Portage & Main Optimizer 250 uses a process called wood gasification resulting in highly efficient combustion in the furnace's dual burn chambers. Wood in the firepot burns from the bottom up, drying the top layer of wood in the firepot. Gases and exhaust are forced into the lower burn refractory brick lined chamber where gases are burned at temperatures of 2000 degrees plus. (Varies based on the fuel type, burn rate and other conditions). Maximum heat extraction is achieved as the gases pass through one vertical pass and two horizontal reverse return passes. (This was the most efficient design of boilers 150 years ago and is still the most efficient design today.) Optimal heat extraction save both work and cost involved with wood.

The optimal refractory brick lining in both burn chambers results in high burn chamber temperatures for consistent proper gas combustion. The high temperature gas combustion significantly reduces emissions, prevents creosote build-up and minimizes ash build-up in the unit. The exhaust air passes through the burn chamber then escapes through multiple flues running through the water jacket, heating the water quickly and efficiently. The Optimizer 250 incorporates the existing features of the conventional Portage & Main Wood Unit—longevity, reliability, and efficiency plus adds great features to the Optimizer 250 Gasifier aka Wood Gasification Boiler.

Portage & Main Optimizer 250 Features Include:

  • Highly efficient scotch marine tube heat exchanger maximizes heat extractions from the flue gases.
  • Quad pass heat exchanger design results in exhaust temperature under 240 degrees. Gases have traveled twirling and swirling through horizontal and vertical tubes where by maximum heat is extracted. At the end of the day it really is all about stack temperatures.
  • User and environmentally friendly true boiler design gasification unit can supply 100 % of your heating needs.
  • Large pre cast, stainless steel reinforced,heat treated refractory brick target reaction area withstands the extreme heat of the gasification process.
  • Re-action chamber has a large and extensive amount of re-arrangeable,re-inforced, heat treated refractory brick target area incorporated into the refractory brick base. Built to last.
  • No-trouble re-ignition is easily achieved even after the furnace has been in dormant stage for several hours. The pre-cast, stainless steel reinforced, heat treated refractory brick retains heat for ensured gasification upon request. Keeping heat in during the off cycle enables fast start of secondary burn.
  • All extreme heat areas are pre cast, stainless steel reinforced, heat treated refractory brick lined or water cooled.
  • Water cooled lower combustion reaction area allows for maximum heat transfer into the water jacket. This is where the extreme heat is extracted. (See Video)
  • Easy access to re-action chamber is provided by the triple insulated door.
  • Water jacketed, rounded top fire chamber is made of 1/4" W44 cold rolled mild steel. Fire chamber is 11 cubic feet.
  • Primary combustion chamber is 28" x 30" x 30" with pre-cast, stainless steel reinforced, heat-treated refractory brick placement on bottom combustion area 28" x 30" is 4" thick and sides refractory brick is 9" high and 1.25" thick. This is definitely not small light brick.
  • Combustion air is introduced from the rounded top fire chamber and rolls gently down the sides of the fire for a super hot turbo burn.
  • Convenient loading height, pyramid style, well insulated fire adore (18" x 20") has safety cam lock latch to prevent blowbacks.
  • Fire doors have adjustable heavy duty hinge and pins. Doors seal with top quality double braided industrial gaskets.
  • Simple reliable Johnson digital operating aqua stat controls temperature accurate to with in one degree. Easy to set differential up to 30 degrees for longer burn times. High limit aqua stat for safety. Controls are safely located away from possible smoke or water damage. Controls can be easily mounted in the home/building.
  • The fully enclosed, unique air box houses adjustable primary and secondary air controls, as well as the long-lasting, reliable ball bearing capacitor blower motor which only draws 1.4 amps.
  • The 120 volt damper motor gives positive air shut off.
  • Easy to access rear connections--pumps, controls, clean-out doors, air box, aqua stats -- are protected by large hinged lockable doors. This prevents water damage.
  • Dual outlets for circulator pumps and dual intakes for return.
  • Easy accessible doors make cleaning of the fire tubes and ash removal easy.
  • Unit is very well insulated with breathable R20 fiberglass insulation that will not cause; condensation on the water jacket exterior, crack or gas off. The bottom of the unit is insulated with top quality Roux insulation.
  • All parts are laser cut which allows for precision fitting and total penetration double welds (boiler style).
  • Easily read, convenient float displays water level--no sight glass or tubes to fog or discolor.
  • CSA US certified. There is not extra charge to customer for this.
  • EPA Phase 2 Qualified.
  • Efficiently adapts to heating systems, forced air, boiler, in-floor hydronic, etc.
  • 10 year limited water jacket and burn pot warranty

Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnaces Have Been Providing
Warmth and Comfort For Families and Businesses Since 1973

After over 30 years of manufacturing the best designed, most efficient conventional wood outdoor water boiler, we are pleased to introduce the Optimizer 250 Wood Gasification Unit built with the same quality innovative design and time proven concepts that have been around for almost 200 years.

Optimizer 250 Specifications  
Maximum Furnace Output (BTU/Hour) up to 250,000
Heating Area (sq. ft.) 5,000
Total Width x Total Depth X Total Height 47" x 66" x 81
Shipping Weight (pounds) 3,030
Chimney Size 6"
Door Size (w x h) 18" x 20"
Firepot (w x h x l) 11 cubic feet 28" x 30" x 30"
Water Capacity (~ US gals) 240
Horizontal Fire Tubes (1.5" diameter) 20
Vertical Fire Tubes (2" diameter) 6
Maximum Log Length 26"
Split Wood or Suggested Log Diameter 3-6"
Limited Warranty 10 years

Key Benefits

  • EPA best test results indicate high efficient clean burns.
  • Approved EPA phase two white tagged.
  • Virtually smoke free.
  • Qualifies for IRS tax benefits in area that have such a benefit.

Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont regulate outdoor boilers. Outdoor hydronic heaters must meet the EPA qualifications. Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnaces--Optimizer 250 models are EPA phase 2 qualified; therefore meet the qualifications required for these states.

The Portage & Main Optimizer 250 is EPA qualified and approved for distribution in the state of Vermont, USA. It has the special listing that the state of Vermont requires.

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The highly efficient Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnace, with industry's best warranty, can provide 100% of heating requirements. Also known as outdoor wood boilers, yard furnaces, outdoor hydronic heaters, wood boilers, etc. models are available to heat homes, multiple buildings, greenhouses, shops, hot tubs, pools, domestic water and more. They easily adapt to new or existing forced air and hydronic heating distribution systems. Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnaces have a model and size for every heating need-- residential or commercial. Portage & Main Heating units are being proclaimed as "Best boilers ever" by the consumers.

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